About Us


Warren’s School of Dancing originates in the early 20th Century and was originally named the Warren Academy of Dancing. The business operated out of The Albert Ballroom which was named after Prince Albert and was opened by John and Annie Warren in 1905. The business flourished and soon became the first ballroom in Scotland to hold dances on six nights a week. The business operated from The Albert until 1965 when the ballroom was sold. The School now conducts its classes in various localities in and around Glasgow.


We’re still a family business. The current Principals, Warren Brown & Aileen Turner, are Fellows & Examiners of the Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance, World Championship Adjudicators and former Scottish Champions.

Keri Brown is a former Junior Champion who is qualified in six different dance disciplines and is an interim Examiner of the Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance.

Warren Brown Junior is the former Scottish Professional Ballroom & Latin American Champion and a finalist in the European Professional 10 Dance Championship. He is a World Championship adjudicator and an Examiner of the Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance. For 10 years, he owned a dance studio in Florida under the famous Fred Astaire franchise, where he specialised in American Smooth & Rhythm, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing etc.